Regarding the slavish worship of celebrity puppets and the centralization of power

January 23, 2015 · Posted in Ramble · Comment 

The time has come for another episode of the Live Earth global spectacular, celebrity puppet event. Way back in ’07, I wrote a series of posts about the first Live Earth and, in the final one I asked this…

Arrogance aside, Gore seems to be saying that real issue is the “crisis”, not the showbiz. If that’s the case, then the cost of production, the gate and the integrity of the performance don’t matter. What matters then, are peoples perception of the shows and if they are then inspired to tackle the larger issue, global warming. What is the public perception of the shows?

Upon hearing the news out of Davos that Al Gore and his new sidekick, Pharrell, have announced a new version of the shindig, I did a quick news search and found almost overwhelming collective snark. Such as this…

Al Gore and Pharrell to save the world with another Live Earth

More than seven years ago, Al Gore and producer Kevin Wall decided to save the world with an event called Live Earth. Designed to raise awareness about the dangers of climate change, Live Earth featured a bunch of musical acts—including The Foo Fighters, Snoop Dogg, Fall Out Boy, and Spinal Tap (for some reason)—performing benefit concerts across seven continents—including North America, Asia, Antartica, and whatever the others are called. Unfortunately, flying all of these bands around the world (among other setbacks) proved to be rather expensive, energy-wise, so a lot of the actual world-saving was offset by a fair amount of world-destroying.

Luckily, Al Gore has never been the sort of guy to let one setback stop him (well…), so he’s coming back with a new Live Earth to take another crack at this “saving the world” thing. Plus, he’s bringing along some help this time: Pharrell, a famous citizen of this very planet, who has been named the creative director for a new Live Earth that will be held this year. According to Rolling Stone, Gore and Pharrell—along with a returning Kevin Wall—plan to have “over 100 artists” perform across the same seven continents as before on June 18, 2015, in order to “spread environmental awareness.”


Does this private jet make Pharrell’s carbon footprint look fat? Singer plugs Live Earth agenda


James Corbett really sums it up well in this clip. The whole thing is well worth watching but, if you’re in a time crunch, skip to 3:15 for an excellent bit of commentary…

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Love hangs it’s hat

January 14, 2015 · Posted in Ramble · 2 Comments 

She looked at me a little dewy eyed as we we’re having enchiladas with green chile sauce at Maria’s and said, “This makes me sad”.


“It’s going to be over soon. I can’t take it with me”.

I pondered, as we walked out in to the Santa Fe night, if she was talking about the green chiles or…us.


That was three years ago, almost to the day. We’ve had hardship and heartache, blatant infatuation and huge joy. Love hangs it’s hat at our house and will follow should we ever decide to roam…

You can’t stop them, you can only hope to contain them…

January 12, 2015 · Posted in Ramble · 1 Comment 

Both of the wee beasties have mastered some escape tactics. While I was out Friday night, Jasper figured out how to leverage himself out of the crib. He took his lumps. Not sure yet if he “learned his lesson”.

Booker somehow figured a way to undo the latch on his tie out cable. It’s a mystery. His collar is intact, latch on the cable is too…it’s only happened once but, after the lock out incident I’m wondering if he has some super powers.

So, both of the go-to containment devices have been compromised.

Two fun gigs this weekend, good active crowds. Seems like the post-New Year’s lull passed quickly.

Both places had some men’s room oddities.

On Saturday night…well, let me say first that over many years of viewing bathroom graffiti, I’ve noticed a trend. When you see something like, “For a good time call ____”, more often then not, somebody has scratched out or covered over the name and contact info. But, they leave the salacious part of the message. An strange act of chivalry I suppose. Anyway, in this particular joint, there was such a bit of graffiti and, true to form, the name was carefully covered over but, the number was untouched. So…the good Samaritan doesn’t care if you call the place looking for sexual favors but, just doesn’t want you to talk to _____, if you do.

The Friday night gig had a noteworthy bathroom too. The place has a fun atmosphere, good food, and friendly staff. But, the overall decor seems like it was hurried; tables with other Restaurant logos, mix and match chairs, random wall hangings…I’m not criticizing, like I said, it’s a great place just no obvious decor theme. However, for some reason, the first thing you see when you open the door is a large movie poster fro “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. And then, facing the commode is a huge version of this Audrey Hepburn photo…


…it’s a little unsettling.

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