Next Thing I knew, He Had A Knife

July 17, 2008 · Posted in Music, Yobs 

Apparently, Anton Newcombe, leader of the band Brian Jonestown Massacre, stabbed guitarist Frankie “Teardrop” Emerson, last night. From Gigwise….

The altercation occurred backstage after the band’s triumphant performance at the Forum club in North London.

Emerson, who appeared visibly intoxicated on stage, annoyed Newcombe after breaking a microphone during the show. Newcombe responded furiously, announcing Emerson would have to pay for its replacement.

After walking off in preparation for the encore, Emerson decided to remain on stage shouting “Testing, one two, one two” repeatedly into the microphone.

Trying to diffuse the situation, percussionist Joel Gion bid the crowd goodnight to which Emerson responded, “Don’t shut front of house man, you fucker.”

Police stated, “We were called by London ambulance at 11:09 to reports of a man being stabbed at The Forum club in Highgate Road, Kentish Town. A 35-year-old man (Emerson) was taken to hospital suffering from minor stab injuries. A 40-year-old man (Newcombe) was arrested and later released with no further action because the victim did not want to substantiate any allegation.”

While band squabbles are nothing new, it’s rare when one escalates into a gutting. But, with this guy Newcombe, it’s not really a big surprise. Here is the most famous of the crazy assed behavior scenes, involving Anton Newcombe, from the 2004 documentary “DiG”.

As always….before playing the YouTube, hit pause on the music player to your left.


4 Responses to “Next Thing I knew, He Had A Knife”

  1. inBevlook-n-4-gnu-ad-material on July 17th, 2008 7:02 pm

    “Wow, everyone there is acting like a girl… except for the girl,” said Reverend Jesse Jackson smirkingly after viewing the youTube based scene today. “I would’a cut his muth’a’f#$%$&*g balls off! You know, just phffffffft! Slice and dice ‘em. I collect ‘em you know. Yep!”

    Gov Richardson to whom the Reverend was talking seemed astonished at what was just “whispered” to him. Not a sound was made by the governor.

    The Reverend didn’t know that his microphone was still on.

    Also in the crowd agents from inBev are already investing in “Teardrop” Emerson’s solo career after last night’s Emmy worthy performance…
    “We think Teardrop will boost sales in markets much like bad boy of tennis John McEnroe did many years ago,” said one inBev spokesperson.

    “Our logic is public drinking makes a performer a major commercial asset, especially when he willingly takes a knife to his gut rather than confesses to a dead mic.”

    There is only rumor about whether inBev will seek also the RAK attitude of the pisser assailant, Anton Newcombe. “We like his rugged looks,” said one intern for inBev entourage. “He reminded somewhat of the other tennis great John Newcombe.”

    When asked if the reversed roles were actually random acts of kindness in their opinions; “What? oh…RAK? ..that is random acts of knife.”

    inBevlook-n-4-gnu-ad-material’s last blog post..Reluctant Authority Figure

  2. J on July 17th, 2008 7:05 pm

    Sounds like someone forgot to take his medication yesterday…

    J’s last blog post..THE LESSON

  3. Pribek on July 17th, 2008 7:06 pm

    “Our logic is public drinking makes a performer a major commercial asset, especially when he willingly takes a knife to his gut rather than confesses to a dead mic.”
    Oh yeahhhhhhhhhh, that’s what I’m talking about.


  4. Rolling Stone on May 30th, 2013 12:15 am

    I guess the notorious Brian Jonestown Massacre stabbing happened before the incident backstage at NY’s Terminal 5, when singer, Maya Caballero, slapped her mother, April Sandmeyer, for kissing guitarist Frankie Teardrop Emerson, infuriating Anton. The question is whether Frankie’s marriage shortly thereafter had anything to do with the incident. If so, they should all thank their lucky stars, as the drama has toned down since, and everyone is happier than ever.

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